A lot of you have been asking what the quantity of 1 means.  We certainly appreciate that question.  

Arrow wraps quantity of 1 will get you a minimum of one dozen.  Likely closer to 13-15 wraps.  But always at least 12.

When ordering one stabilizer wrap you will receive one stabilizer wrap.

Ordering one limbsation  or limb decals will get you one set for your bow.  If you are using a split limb bow we will send you four pieces.  One a standard limb bow you will receive two pieces.  Enough to cover one side of the limbs.  

Vane decals will get you one set of 40 pieces (20 for the right side of the vane and 20 for the left side).  This is enough to complete 6 arrows - three fletch.

Most everything else is an actual quantity of 1.  But if you ever have any questions, please reach out and ask.  We are happy to answer any questions we can.

Have a great day and happy archery season.