Wrap Size question?

Sometimes it is hard to know what size wraps will work best for your set.  We are always here to help with that.  But for those of you who hesitate to call here are a few helpful options.  

    Use our check your size link. 
    • https://onestringer.com/check-your-size/
    • Select your arrow maker and then model and spine to find the best wrap width for your arrows.  Our information is gathered from arrow manufacturers and is generally correct.  If you ever find that it is not, please let us know so we can update our information.

    Know the outer diameter of your arrows? (sometimes this information is located on your arrow manufacturers packaging.)

    • OD x 3.14 = arrow circumference (round up to allow for some overlap)
    • Be careful not to use the "inner diameter"...this will always result in a wrap that is too small.

    Keep in mind..."micro diameter" is a very subjective term when discussing arrow size.  We've found that any arrow smaller than standard carbon is considered "micro diameter".  That can be anywhere from a .6" wrap to a .95" wrap which can mean the difference between a wrap that fits or does not. 


    You are always welcome to reach out to us with any questions.